Google’s Chromebook Pixel With LTE Starts Shipping April 8


You can already get your hands on Google’s new Chromebook Pixel if you don’t mind a Wi-Fi only model, but if you want to ensure you can get things done on the go — even without a Wi-Fi hotspot — you’ll want the one with LTE connectivity.

Google has remained relatively quiet about this particular model since launching its new notebook back in February, but it has now updated its Google Play store to confirm the Chromebook Pixel with LTE will be available “by April 8.”

The LTE model is priced at $1,449, which is $150 more than the Wi-Fi only Chromebook Pixel. For that you also get 100MB of data a month for two years from Verizon — though that data cap is unlikely to last you all that long on a notebook, especially one that relies on an Internet connection for just about everything.

The Chromebook Pixel has received lots of positive reviews since its release, with many impressed by its build quality and that super high-resolution display that has a higher pixel density than Apple’s Retina MacBook Pros. The downside, of course, is that Google’s Chrome OS is still very limited.