AT&T Announces 30GB, 40GB & 50GB Shared Data Plans Starting At $300 A Month


If you’re struggling to stay within your smartphone data plan each month, then maybe one of AT&T’s new shared data plans might be better for you. The company is now offering 30GB, 40GB, and 50GB tiers starting at just $300 per month. That’s right, per month. That’s with unlimited calls and texts included. Bargain, right?

$300 a month will get you 30GB of data, giving you the freedom to download all the movies, music, and apps you like. But if that’s still not enough, you can get 40GB of data for $400 a month, and 50GB of data for $500 a month. The plans are aimed at business consumers, but even so, you have to be crazy to pay $500 a month for data.

And AT&T is still going to charge you a surcharge for every smartphone you add to your shared data plan. So even if you’re paying $500 a month — that’s $6,000 a year, for data! — you’ll still be charged $30 for every smartphone you add.

Business customers have a little more leeway when it comes to device management, however. While regular consumers are limited to 10 devices regardless of the tier they choose, business customers can add 10 devices to a 20GB plan, 15 to a 30GB plan, 20 to a 40GB plan, and 25 to a 50GB plan.

If you’re using a tablet and you don’t need calls and texts, these new tiers cost a little less. The 500GB one can be had for $335 a month.