Archos To Update All G9 Tablets To Ice Cream Sandwich In February

If you’re jealous of ASUS getting Android 4.0 and happen to own an Archos G9 tablet, you’re about to get some good news. According to sources over at Android Police, Archos will be updating all their G9 tablets to Ice Cream Sandwich within the first week of February. In addition, all G9 tablets sold in February should come pre-loaded with Android’s latest operating system.

We’re not sure how being first in line for Android 4.0 is going to affect tablet sales for Archos, but hey, it’s nice to see they’re on the ball when it comes to updating their devices. Archos sells both an 8″ and 10″ G9 tablet, with the most expensive being it’s 10″ at $399.99. You can find more information on the G9 tablets HERE.

We fully expect other tablet manufacturers to start speeding up their update process in order to get Android 4.0 running, and so we wonder: “How important is having Android 4.0 to you, and how does it affect your decision when purchasing a tablet?”