SpellTower Is Finally Coming To Android This Thursday, March 7

Now with more green robots!

Now with more green robots!

If you’ve played SpellTower on iOS, you’ll know what a big deal this is. Zach Gage’s utterly unique and addictive take on word game play will launch on the Google Play Store this Thursday, March 7, 2013.

With SpellTower, you tap and drag around a grid of letters, spelling words forward, backward, sideways, and upside down. Each word you form gives you points, which allow you to brag on leader boards via ScoreLoop. The more letters in the word, the higher the points.

Tower Mode is one grid of letters: find all the words you can, hit done, and take the score you get. Puzzle mode sees you getting rid of letters and rows for extra points, while new letters drop down from on high, Tetris-style. Your task is to keep the columns of letters from reaching the top, while gathering the highest score you can.

Rush mode raises the grid of letters from the bottom, one row at a time, as a grey overlay slides up to the top, giving you a visual timer for when the next row will show up. It’s intensity, well designed.

The Android version has all the same features as the iOS one, except the ability to look up words. It supports over 1800 different Android devices, including all Kindles. You can even play multiplayer via local wifi, a snazzy feature for a word game.

The trailer is below, and you can look for the game on the Google Play store starting this Thursday.