SwiftKey 4 Comes To Android With Flow, A New Prediction Engine & More


SwiftKey 4 is now available for Android, bringing Flow, a new gesture-based typing experience, to one of the platform’s most popular third-party keyboards. Flow works just like Swype for Android, or Google’s latest stock keyboard — allowing you to slide your finger across the on-screen keys to type. It even lets you write multiple words, so you can type out full sentences without ever lifting a finger.

SwiftKey 4 is a free upgrade for existing SwiftKey users, and those who don’t already own it can get it for just $1.99 for a limited time. In addition to Flow, the update introduces a number of new features and improvements, including support for up to three languages at simultaneously, better predictions, and easier corrections.

Check out its new trailer below.

If you’ve used Swype or Jelly Bean’s latest stock keyboard, and you’re already used to typing with gestures, then Flow in SwiftKey 4 will surely be a welcome improvement for you. And for those who haven’t yet tried it, I highly recommend you give it a go. It looks tricky and inaccurate until you start using it — then you find it delivers a significantly better way to type on a virtual keyboard.

SwiftKey 4 supports 60 languages, and you can use three at the same time. That means you can start an email in English and finish it in Spanish without having to change a single setting. SwiftKey will detect that you’ve begun typing in another language, and it’ll automatically change its dictionary and predictions to suit.

The update also adds an awesome new prediction engine, which suggests words you might want to use next as you type — kind of like BlackBerry 10’s keyboard predictions, only they’re displayed at the top of the keyboard, rather than above the keys. The prediction engine is also demonstrated in the video above.

You can grab SwiftKey 4 from Google Play now by hitting the source link below.