Bump App Updated – Now Share Files With Computers, Too

Now with more computer!

Now with more computer!

Bump, the free, easy file sharing app for Android and iOS, has just updated to version 3.5.6 on both the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The new version of the app will let users share any files on their smartphone or tablet with a computer. Previously, Bump users were only able to share files from mobile device to mobile device.

To sync with a computer, your smartphone must be connected to the internet via WiFi or cellular network. You just point your computer’s web browser to https://bu.mp, and then follow the three step directions there. Tap your spacebar with your smartphone, and a little dialog will pop up, letting you move files to and from your smartphone or mobile device and your computer. The iPhone version of Bump we just played with only allowed a .vcf contact card from Bump to be shared to our Mac, while our iPhone was able to get photos and Word docs from the Mac.

Bump lets you share contacts, photos, and files on iOS, Android, and now Mac or PC, and even transfer stuff across platforms, like, say, from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy. You’re only able to share files under 20 Mb, and you can’t share apps or music this way, and though the FAQ says this was due to user requests, it’s possible it was more due to copyright issues.

Either way, this is a pretty slick way to transfer files to your phone from your computer. It will be interesting to see how this expands in the next update or two, as well.