Samsung VP Says Ongoing Litigation With Apple Is ‘A Loss’ For Innovation


Samsung EVP David Eun, who is currently part of the company’s Open Innovation Center, believes the ongoing litigation between Apple and Samsung is “a loss” to innovation. Eun was probed for his opinion on the subject during an interview today at the D:Dive Into Media conference in Dana Point, California, and although he wouldn’t say much about the ongoing battles between the two consumer tech giants, he made it clear that he didn’t approve of it.

To the vast majority of us, it seems the ongoing litigation between Apple and Samsung is getting out of hand. There’s one lawsuit after another, and every time either company launches a new smartphone or tablet, the other targets it in its latest complaint.

And believe it or not, there are people at Apple and Samsung who feel the same way. Eun is one of them, and according to Engadget, he made his feeling clear at D:Dive Into Media today:

While Eun wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the ongoing litigation, he did note that as a evangelist of Silicon Valley and a consumer of technology, he views the deadlock as “a loss.”

It was actually a pretty candid response, and it was clear from his body language that he truly is less than thrilled that the legal struggles are ongoing.

Eun noted, however, that there’s not a lot he can do about it because he isn’t Samsung, so all he can do is sit back and let the lawyers battle it out. Nevertheless, it’s nice to hear a Samsung executive feels the same way we do about the never ending litigation between it and Apple.

Apple famously won $1.05 billion in damages from Samsung last summer, and the two companies continue to fight it out over a handful of complaints all over the world.