Better Late Than Never: Gingerbread Finally Available For AT&T Samsung Captivate

Although Gingerbread has been available for over a year now, the Samsung Captivate hasn’t seen the update until today (who says Samsung doesn’t update their devices). That’s right, while most people are wondering when Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be ready for their device, there are still some people out there just hoping for Gingerbread. Not an optimal update schedule for most, but I guess it’s better late than never, right?

If you’re still devoutly rocking the Samsung Captivate and want to know how to get Gingerbread, it won’t be as easy as simply checking your device and applying it over the air. Nope, Samsung has decided to add salt to your wounds by requiring you to update via your computer using Samsung’s Kies application. Luckily Samsung was nice enough to prove instructions HERE

I’m betting the next update Captivate owners see is the update that comes with whichever device they purchase next.