Turn Your Moods Into Music With Dr. Smith’s Music Factory [Sponsored Post]


What mood are you in? Do you feel like capturing your mood or situation in a song? Dr. Smith’s Music Factory allows you to record your moods forever in musical pieces which you can share with people everywhere. Whether you feel like Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands or Shiny Happy People, Dr. Smith shares your moody blues or good vibrations All Round The World!


Dr. Smith is an ingenious free ($0.00) music-making app for Android that encourages you to add “moods” (musical instruments or voices) to your repertoire of sounds by recommending the app to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail / MMS. Or if you don’t have any friends you can buy more voices!

When you first install the app you have by default sound a piano synth that works by tapping on cute little Dr. Smith icons representing do re mi fa sol la si. Alternatively, you can hum or sing and the app records your voice. Finally, if you don’t feel like doing any real composing per se, you can shake your device and your very vibes will create music for you!

Once you tap or shake your chosen mood, Dr. Smith turns your feelings up or down into a musical composition.

The app stores all your musical mood pieces, which other users around the world can then find on the app’s song library. Just go into the library and search for music arranged by song title or user ID — find people locally or globally. You can rate their strains, refrains and cadences, and likewise they can rate yours!

From Korean software developer Inervit, this music-making app includes cute characters and graphics, enigmatic guidance points, and is a bit of a puzzle to put together. But those are its attractions!

Dr. Smith’s Music Factory is a fun app for making and recording instant music. One of the most enjoyable things that I like about discovering new apps is seeing what developers from different cultures around the world decide to include in theirs. There are some weird and wonderful apps that run on Android, and this is one of those.

Dr. Smith’s Music Factory is available to download now from Google Play, and it’s completely free.