Dolphin Browser For Android & iOS Gets Sharing, Syncing And Evernote Clipping


The popular Dolphin Browser for Android and iOS has been updated today to introduce a number of handy new features. In addition to one-tap sharing to Facebook and Twitter, users can enjoy Evernote clipping, and the ability to sync bookmarks and tabs between Dolphin and their desktop browser.

It’s not often an update comes to both Android and iOS on the same day — Android users often have to wait a little while — so it’s nice to see the latest version of Dolphin Browser hitting both platforms on the same day. Here’s what you can look forward to with this release:

1. One-tap Share: Tweet or post in Facebook instantly
2. Remember Everything: Clip web content and save directly to Evernote (Beta) or Box
3. Dolphin Connect:
– Chrome/Firefox/Safari extensions:Dolphin now has desktop extensions
– Send to Device: Use Dolphin extensions to send tabs, images, text and directions between desktop and mobile
– Sync: Bookmarks/tabs/history/passwords
4. Wifi Broadcast: Share a webpage with your friends instantly through the same Wifi

Dolphin Connect is a particularly useful feature, because it allows Dolphin Browser users to enjoy the same syncing features they’d get with Google Chrome. So if you use Safari or Firefox on your desktop, or you just don’t like the mobile version of Chrome (are you crazy?), you can still sync your bookmarks, tabs, history, and passwords between different devices.

The latest Dolphin Browser releases can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play now. As always, Dolphin Browser is completely free.