Nexus 7 Dock Goes On Sale In The U.K. For Just £25, Sells Out Within A Few Hours

Nexus 7_Dock_200

The long-awaited Nexus 7 docking station went on sale in the United Kingdom on Monday evening (local time) via the Asus online store. Prices at £25 (approx. $40) the device is marketed as the perfect way to turn your Nexus 7 into an little entertainment hub, and it’s clearly been a big seller. In just a few hours, the dock is already sold out and unavailable to purchase.

“With an attractive design that combines polished glass on the outside and durable-grip rubber on the inside, it simplifies charging via micro USB while you’re using the tablet,” Asus says in its product description. “The entire stand has been built to ensure a comfortable viewing angle for movies, web browsing, social networking, and other typical uses.”

An earlier report claimed that the dock would cost around £75 (approx. $120) in the U.K., making it almost half as much as the tablet itself. Much to the delight of Nexus 7 users, that isn’t the case. At £25, it’s actually been given a very reasonable price tag — if only you could get your hands on one.

As far as we know, the only place to buy the dock in the U.K. right now is from Asus itself, and the company’s online store is already sold out, with no indication when more will be available. We’re hoping third-party retailers will start receiving the device in the days and weeks ahead, but right now, it’s a case of keeping an eye on the Asus store.

You’d think after making us wait all this time, Asus would have stacks and stacks of these things stockpiled in a warehouse somewhere. Clearly that’s not the case.