IK Multimedia’s iRig Recorder App Makes The Jump To Android

iRig Recorder for Android

IK Multimedia has been making hardware and software for Mac and iOS for quite some time now. Many of the hardware accessories could work with Android, yet hadn’t the software support do do so. Until now, with IK Multimedia’s first foray into the Google Play store with iRig Recorder.

The app will cost $4.99, and will be available by the end of January. It will allow you to record audio using either the Android device’s built in microphone, or one of IK Multimedia’s hardware microphones, like the iRig Mic and the iRig MIC Cast, and other pro-sumer hardware devices like the iRig PRE pre-amp.

iRig Recorder has been out on iOS since April of 2011, and allows you to record, edit, and share audio captured by the various microphone devices above.

iRig Recorder isn’t just a “capture” app. It’s a complete audio production and polishing tool for creating broadcast quality audio. It allows you to quickly and easily trim and crop your recordings via the waveform editor, automatically adjust and normalize volume levels, remove background noise, add dynamics adjustment and polish, then share your brilliance with the world.

The app will let you capture interviews, live performances, lectures, podcasts, etc. The app will then store the audio by date, and adds location info to the file to easily find later.

Here’s to hoping that IK Multimedia brings it’s wealth of audio recording and processing apps to the Android platform in the days to come.