Wirelessly Stream Your Media To Your Android & iOS Devices With The HP Pocket Playlist [CES 2013]


You wouldn’t normally associate HP devices with the Android or iOS platforms, but the company’s latest gadget plays nicely with them both. It’s called the Pocket Playlist, and it allows you to stream all of your media wirelessly to all your smartphones and tablets. It boasts 32GB of internal storage, and it can stream to up to five devices simultaneously.

Setting up the Pocket Playlist is simple, just plug it into your Mac or PC and fill it full of content you’d like to be able to access wirelessly on your mobile devices. You can then connect to it via Wi-Fi from those mobile devices — Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices are supported — and access your media.

The great thing about the Pocket Playlist is that it allows you to access all of your favorite content without filling up the precious storage space you have on your smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, the Pocket Playlist supports PlayLater, allowing you to cache movies and TV shows from services like Netflix or Hulu and then watch them later.

The Pocket Playlist will make its debut in the United States on February 15, priced at $129.

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