Judge To Samsung: You Must Show Apple Your Galaxy Sales


Samsung’s request to keep some of its sales data sealed in an ongoing patent dispute with Apple in the United States has been denied by District Judge Lucy Koh. The Korean electronics giant wanted to keep its figures secret while it appeals an earlier sealing order, but it will now have to disclose the information to Apple.

Samsung’s request is part of the biggest suit between it and Apple so far — the one which saw Apple awarded $1.05 billion in damages back in August after a jury found that Samsung had infringed six of its patents with its range of Galaxy devices. After Apple lost its bid to have 26 Samsung devices banned in the U.S., the Cupertino company is seeking additional damages.

Koh stated on December 10 that Samsung must reveal the total number of units of certain devices that were sold during certain periods. It’s unclear why Koh requested this information, but Samsung was hoping to hold onto it until its appeal was heard by the Federal Circuit court. This week’s decision prevents it from doing that.

“Samsung’s appeal involves pricing information and profit margins,” said Koh. The exhibit at issue “only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months.”

Koh has granted Samsung one of its wishes, however. The company requested to delay the publication of part of a document showing per-unit operating profit for two of its smartphones, pending an appeal.