Printicular App Prints Your Instagrams At Walgreens, In Just One Hour

Remember when you used to take the film out of your camera, head to the nearest drugstore and drop it off, do a little shopping or grab a coffee, and then return one hour later to pick up your printed photographs?

This process was fraught with possible problems – you might end up paying to process a blank film, or for prints of out-of-focus, unusable photos – but it was also pretty exciting.

With Printicular, you can now experience all the good parts and none of the bad. The app lets you print your photos at the local Walgreens, and the latest update has added support for Instagram.

The app comes from Meamobile, the developer behind such applications as iSupr8. Using it, you can print pictures from your camera roll, from your Facebook account or – now – from your Instagram.

Instagrams are printed in too-small 4×4-inch squares, and for everything else you can choose 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10. You can redeem Walgreens photo coupons, send pictures to any Walgreens you like (near Grandma’s home, for example, to save you forcing the old dear to sign up for Dropbox) and pick them up in around an hour.

Printicular is free for Android and iOS. Available now.