Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets A Lick Of Paint, New Red & Brown Handsets Incoming


Not only does Samsung offer a wide range of Android-powered smartphones, but it also offers them in a wide range of color options. Its hugely popular Galaxy S III, for example, comes in white, blue, red, and brown, with more colors on the way. Now the Korean company looks to be giving the Galaxy Note II a lick of paint; a new leak reveals that new “ruby wine” and “amber brown” models are on their way.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced the new handsets yet, but the advertisement above appeared in a Korean magazine earlier this week. It seems there may have been a mix-up in communication, and that the ad was printed prematurely, before the handsets had actually been confirmed by Samsung.

There’s also a chance this isn’t an official Samsung image, of course. But considering the company already offers its handsets in a variety of colors, we have no reason to believe it’s a fake.

Aside from their new paint jobs, both handsets are expected to be identical to the existing Galaxy Note II when it comes to specifications. It’s unclear when they’ll be made available, or indeed whether they’ll launch in other markets outside of Korea. But we expect to hear more very soon.