Google Play Finally Gets Support For Localized Graphics

Google has finally rolled out the ability for Android developers to add localized graphics to their applications in Google Play. As Android devices become increasingly popular the world over — particularly in China, where a third of all Android devices are sold — the company has finally seen the need to support promotional materials dedicated to different countries.

What this means is developers can now specify which graphics are shown in certain countries, so they can create different banners in other languages for international customers. Or they could advertise promotions in certain regions that won’t be seen in other regions — like a Thanksgiving sale for those in the U.S.

Developers can also add localized screenshots — so they can upload English ones for those in the U.S. and the U.K., and Spanish ones for those in Spain and Mexico — and localized promotional videos with the appropriate voice overs.

Google notes that the number of countries in which Android apps can be sold has increased from 30 to over 130 since the start or 2011, with the Google Play store recently making its way to Israel, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, and Russia. Furthermore, more than two thirds of Google Play revenue comes from outside of the U.S.