Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note II Developer Edition For Verizon

The Galaxy Note II “Developer Edition” for Verizon Wireless has appeared on Samsung’s website this morning. Like the Korean company’s other Developer Edition handsets, such as the Galaxy S III, this one comes with a bootloader that will be simple to unlock — unlike the regular Galaxy Note II. Unfortunately, it still has that nasty Verizon logo on its home button.

The Galaxy Note II Developer Edition is almost identical to existing Galaxy Note II devices — all of the internals, including that whopping 5.5-inch display, are exactly the same. The only difference is with the bootloader, which will be easy to unlock, allowing users to perform tweaks and customizations that they wouldn’t usually be able to perform.

Regular Galaxy Note II handsets, particularly the one tied to Verizon, has a bootloader that’s very tough to unlock.

Samsung hasn’t revealed a price or release date for the device yet, but it’s already up on its website for all to see, so we’re assuming it won’t be long before this information is displayed alongside it.