POC Helmet With ‘Beats By Dre’ Sound System

POC, maker of protective headgear for snowboarders, cyclists and other smart people who eschew personal motor transport, has added headphones to one of its helmets. This is both good and bad.

The “good” part here is that the headphones are in the neck roll, which means that your ears are left mostly uncovered and able to listen to the sounds of an impending avalanche or car. There’s also an inline remote and mic for answering calls and controlling your music.

The “bad” part is that POC has chosen to partner with Beats by Dre, which means that the sound will likely be bass-heavy (in a bad way) and lacking in any definition. Then again, maybe that’s just what you want on a fast and gnarly descent.

The price is certainly up there in Beats territory. The POC Receptor Bug Communication (to give the helmet its full stable-name) will cost your $220 when it goes on sale in January. That’s around $290.