Viber Brings New Features To Android & iOS As It Hits 140 Million Users

Viber, the popular cross-platform mobile communications service, has today announced that it has now surpassed more than 140 million users across six platforms, with 400,000 people joining the service each and every day. To celebrate the milestone, the company has introduced a number of new features to its Android and iOS apps, including the ability to send “fun stickers” and “playful emoticons,” and support for the iPhone 5’s larger display.

The latest version of Viber on Android and iOS includes the following features:

  • Playful emoticons
  • Fun stickers
  • A new “Send Location” feature that allows you to share a map of any location you choose
  • An enhanced messaging experience with an updated user interface
  • Group messaging with support for up to 40 contacts

In addition to this, there are some improvements that are specific to each platform. Those with Android handsets can now use their handset’s current ringtone and message tone as their Viber alert for calls and messages, while those on iOS can enjoy iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support, and a new keyboard.

These new features make Viber ideal not only for important conversations with friends and family, but also for “playful conversations” via text message or voice, according to Viber CEO Talmon Marco.

“We know that our users rely on Viber for their important conversations with their friends, family and the people they care most about. But they also turn to Viber to have fun and playful conversations, whether it’s via text message or voice,” said Marco. “With the new features that we are delivering in Viber 2.3, our users can look to Viber as a platform not just for communications, but for playing and interacting with their friends.”

You’ll find the latest version of Viber in the App Store and Google Play now.