Today’s Play Store Holiday Surprise Is A Free Rolling Stones Track

Okay, so today’s Google Play holiday surprise probably isn’t what you were hoping for (at least not what I was hoping for). I’m also guessing a large number of you young bucks have no idea who the Rolling Stones are or who that old guy in the picture is. Well, they are rock legends and that’s Keith Richards (a guy who has most likely partied harder than the entire cast of Jersey Shore ever will).

Today is Keith’s 69th birthday and therefore Google is celebrating by giving away a free live version of “Beast of Burden” from the final show of the Rolling Stones’ 1982 tour. I realize that for some of you, this surprise would be the equivalent to receiving slipper pajamas on Christmas morning, but for others, it will be an instant playlist addition.

To claim your free Rolling Stones track, simply head over to the Play store by following the link below.