Europe Continues To Wait For First 1080p Smartphone As HTC Butterfly Flutters By

HTC often brings its latest smartphones to Europe before they go global, but that hasn’t been the case with the company’s first 1080p offering. The HTC J Butterfly made its debut in Japan first, then came to the United States as the Droid DNA weeks later. Europeans got excited when the Taiwanese company announced the international version — the Butterfly — last week, but it seems their dreams have already been shattered.

The HTC Butterfly isn’t coming to Europe, after all.

While the Butterfly may be an international version of Japan’s J Butterfly, Europe is one continent it won’t be reaching. At least that’s how one British retailer understands the situation.

Expansys, which has been taking pre-orders for the Butterfly since its official announcement last week, has begun emailing customers to inform them that the Butterfly won’t be coming. One customer,, received this message in their inbox this morning:

Thank you for your recent interest and preorder of the HTC Butterfly. Unfortunately, we have now been informed by HTC that this device will not be available in European markets, and as such we have had to remove it from our website and cancel your preorder.

Maybe we did get our hopes up prematurely. HTC didn’t actually say the Butterfly would come to Europe, after all — but plenty of Europeans retailers started advertising its impending arrival last week.

You shouldn’t feel too downhearted, however. Even if the Butterfly does flutter by, you can almost guarantee HTC will have another 1080p handset — likely not too dissimilar to the Butterfly — winging its way to Europe in the coming months.