Google+ Updated For Android & iOS, Brings Communities, Profile Editing & More

Google has rolled out two major updates to its Google+ apps for Android and iOS today, introducing a nice stack of new features to both platforms. In addition to the arrival of Google+ Communities, the updates bring basic profile editing to both platforms, a Google+ widget for those on Android, and a new Find People feature for iOS.

As you might expect, Android users certainly got the better half of the deal, with a more significant update that includes the following new features:

– New feature: Google+ Communities
– Support for full resolution photo uploads via Instant Upload
– Subscribe to any circle for notifications
– Support for time zones in Events
– Basic profile editing
– Integration with Google Now to send birthday wishes to friends
– Support for animated GIFs
– Express your mood via animated images in posts
– View and explore Photo Sphere images (Android 4.2+)
– Add the Google+ widget to your device’s lock screen (Android 4.2+)

And, iOS users, you can look forward to the following:

– New feature: Google+ Communities
– Ability to subscribe to any circle for notifications
– Ability to indicate how many guests you’re bringing to an event
– Support for time zones in Events
– Basic profile editing
– New compose UI for easier sharing
– New visual stream design
– Discover people and topics more easily using ‘Find people’

iOS users also get a swanky new icon. These updates can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play now.