Find Your Lost Monocles With The Gentleman, Now Available From Google Play

Pip, pip, cheerio, wot?

The Gentleman is a new Android-only game hitting Google Play right now that brings the endless runner and platformer genre into a new, more posh and genteel era. In it, you help the titular Gentleman find his lost monocles across several levels of puzzling platform-style play.

Navigate across levels of moving blocks and other obstacles in this indie game from Christopher Buckley. The adorbale stick figure in a top hat must saunter from one gently glowing lamp to another, cane in hand, endlessly looking for his poor lost eyepieces.

The minimalistic artwork brings a certain refined charm to this title, with black and white as the main chromatic element, with some yellow and red thrown in, gently, for effect. There’s rain across the different environments, lightning and water contrasting with the simpler, line drawing aesthetic of the platforms and The Gentleman himself.

It looks like a ton of fun, and for $0.99, it’s hard to go wrong. Let us know what you think of The Gentleman in the comments below, if you should find yourself well-heeled and playing.