Motorola Now Going After Samsung In A Bid For Smartphone Supremacy

Motorola no longer has its sight solely on Apple as they’ve now turned their attack towards Android’s top dog Samsung. Motorola’s latest ad campaign pits the Motorola RAZR HD against the Samsung Galaxy S III, with a slogan of “It’s not easy. downloading… from another galaxy.” Motorola boasts an outrageous claim of 49% faster download speeds, which I find extremely difficult to believe considering the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S III has the same Qualcomm processor and modem as the RAZR HD — not to mention 1GB more RAM.

I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked to see Motorola going after Samsung — they are absolutely destroying Motorola in the Android market (the only market Motorola is a player in). I think Motorola should focus more on why Samsung is top dog rather than trying to smear them with a ridiculous ad campaign such as this one.

First of all, I don’t think anyone out there is complaining about the Galaxy S III’s download speeds. Secondly, Motorola is touting 20% more battery power over the Galaxy S III, which may be true, but they forget to mention that the RAZR HD has a non-removable battery while users could easy swap in a new battery with the Galaxy S III and keep on going.

Last on Motorola’s list of comparisons is probably the only real advantage they have over the Galaxy S III: build quality. While I’ve personally never had an issue with Samsung’s “plastic phones,” and actually prefer their design over Motorola’s RAZR line, Motorola’s build quality is top notch and there’s no denying it.

As I said before, I’d much rather see Motorola focus on providing users with the features that are making Samsung so popular (fast updates, better cameras, and most of all — a Nexus device).

Enough broken promises and smear campaigns Motorola, time to step up your game.

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