Sony Brings PlayStation Mobile To Three Additional HTC Handsets

I think it’s great that Sony has chosen to certify third-party Android handsets for PlayStation Mobile; the Japanese company could quite easily have made the gaming service exclusive to its own Xperia devices. And this morning it has welcomed another three HTC handsets to the PlayStation Mobile family, doubling the total number of HTC devices that are supported by the service.

Those handsets that get support today include the new HTC One X+, the One XL, and the EVO 4G LTE. If you own one of these handsets, you can download the PlayStation Mobile app from Sony website and enjoy some of the company’s best titles right away.

These devices follow the three HTC handsets that Sony began supporting in October, which include the original One X, the One S, and the One V.

If you ask me, access to PlayStation Mobile is a great reason to pick up an HTC smartphone if you’re a mobile gamer. In fact, I don’t know why HTC doesn’t choose to mention this in its marketing for these devices.