Yahoo! Mail For Android Receives All New Interface To Go Along With New Name

While I’m sure the majority of you are using Gmail, I’m betting there’s still a large number of users out there holding onto that old Yahoo! Mail account for contests, newsletters, special offers, etc. Even if you are using Yahoo! Mail as your main account, we won’t judge — but we will tell you about today’s update.

If you haven’t heard, Yahoo! Mail has been updated across the board (Android, iOS, Windows 8, Web) and includes a completely revamped UI along with a new name: Y! Mail.

The new UI appears to follow in the footsteps of Gmail: simple yet functional. Yahoo has cut back on the bloat to improve speed and functionality. Also new in the updated Android app:

  • Better battery performance
  • Increased stability
  • More secure with SSL turned on by default
  • More reliable push notifications

If you’re still a devout Yahoo! Mail user, you’ll want to update the newest version from the Play store by following the link below.