Battery-Powered SD Card Reader Shares Wirelessly With Your Phone

What if I told you that you could combine the inconvenience and slow wireless transfer of the Eye-Fi card with the need to actually remove the SD card from your camera and plug it into a slot? You’d get totally excited right? Right? Aw, c’mon…

The gadget in question is Ratoc’s REX, a white plastic box which lets you plug a USB cable/drive or photo-filled SD card into one end, and which then squirts their contents out of its back end via WiFi. It’s also exFAT and NTFS compatible, so you can hook up external hard drives to access their files.

And the nine-hour battery can even be used to charge your phone by plugging in to the USB port.

The REX works with a free companion app, available for both Android and iOS, which will let you browse files and upload/download them.

So you see that it is a lot more than just a hard-to-use SD-card reader. And a good thing too, as it goes for ¥7,980, or around $96. Not cheap, but if it puts the contents of a media hard drive at your Android or iPhone’s disposal, possibly a pretty good deal.