More Evidence That The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Coming To AT&T

Samsung recently told us that the Galaxy Note would be coming to the U.S. sometime this year, but which carrier would be getting it remained a mystery. There were rumors of AT&T getting the Note and we now have some compelling evidence to suggest so. Apparently an accessory maker sent out some press emails outing the AT&T Galaxy Note, as they advertised being the first to carry accessories for the device. Of course that statement was soon retracted (and someone probably lost their job) but I’m now pretty confident the AT&T Galaxy Note exists.

If the accessory maker’s statements weren’t enough to persuade you of an AT&T Galaxy Note, perhaps these recent press shots obtained by Pocketnow will turn you into a believer.

I’m betting we’ll see AT&T announce the Galaxy Note at CES, and I’m betting those AnyMode accessories fit just right! See you soon Mr. AT&T Galaxy Note.

, Pocketnow