Google Brings A New Look & New Features To Google Shopper For Android & iOS

Google has been busy rolling out updates to its mobile apps this week, making big improvements to the Gmail and YouTube app for iOS. But it seems the company hasn’t quite finished yet. It just rolled out some major changes to Google Shopper for Android and iOS — including a new look and new features — which are sure to make Christmas shopping on your smartphone a great deal easier.

Google Shopper version 3.0 introduces a brand new look to the smartphone app, which delivers larger product images and promises faster navigation.

It also allows you to search for apparel and accessories more effectively with image-centric search results, and thanks to GoodGuide ratings integration, you can see whether a product’s worth your hard-earned cash before you purchase it.

Google has also added support for push notifications to help you “find out about great new features and content,” and a retail promotions feature that will find you the best deals online.

For Android users, this update also fixes a bug that caused the app to crash at startup for some users.

You can find Google Shopper 3.0 in the App Store and Google Play now, and it’s free to download.