SwiftKey Flow Beta Promises To Redefine Touchscreen Typing, Download It Now

Get it now!

The official SwiftKey Flow beta is now available to download for your Android smartphone and tablet. It’s more than just another gesture-based keyboard, its creators say; it promises to redefine the way you type on a touchscreen using “a series of incredible innovations.”

SwiftKey Flow allows you to type entire sentences without taking your finger off of the display — all you need to do is swipe your finger over the spacebar in between each word you trace. Then let SwiftKey Flow work its magic, “and you’ll see the words you want magically appear on the screen.”

The new keyboard claims to be very versatile, and it’ll begin predicting what you’re planning to type the moment you start gliding your finger across your display. As soon as you let go, your words and sentences will appear. It also integrated SwiftKey’s classic tap engine, which intelligently adapts the touch-sensitive areas of the keyboard to suit your tapping style and boost accuracy.

Check out Flow in action below.

SwiftKey is urging those who try out the beta to submit their feedback via its VIP community. It’s completely free to sign up, and your feedback will help refine the beta and ensure Flow becomes as wonderful as it can be.

“Our community is a vital part of this process,” said Evan Tapper, SwiftKey’s Community Manager. “We rely on their feedback to ensure the product is in the best possible shape before it hits the market. But it’s about more than that – it’s about engaging with our users and building products that people really love to use.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the SwiftKey Flow beta for your Android tablet and smartphone now and start playing around with it. The APKs are available from the SwiftKey Flow website via the source link below.