AT&T Will Now Make You A Personalized Monthly Video Explaining Your Bill

Each month I get my AT&T bill there are usually some small charges hidden away somewhere and I have to hunt through the endless pages of info trying to find out why my bill is off. The cascade of frustration usually results in me calling AT&T asking for an explaination on why this bill is different from last month if I didn’t have any overages.

AT&T customer care is probably tired of talking to people like me, so to make things easier they’re creating monthly personalized videos that will explain all of the charges on your wireless bill.

Here’s an example of what the videos will look like:

Each video is custom-generated at the end of each customer’s billing cycle for no extra cost. Your account info is placed in the video and a voice explains each charge on the bill so that you won’t go over your minutes or data-cap next month.

Right now the only people who will see the video bills are new AT&T customers during their first and second month bills, but AT&T hopes to expand the program nationwide by early 2013.