Gaming On The Go? Get The GameKlip And Mount Your PS3 Controller To Your Smartphone

Together as one.

For us gamers, the great thing about having a smartphone in your pocket all day every day is that you’re never too far away from your next fix of Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto 3. The thing is, some games — first-person shooters, in particular — work better with physical controllers.

The creators of GameKlip have recognized that, and they’ve put together this mount that connects your Android smartphone to your PlayStation 3 controller. It’s terrific — if you don’t mind rooting.

The GameKlip is made of “incredibly strong” premium plastic, that promises to be flexible enough to easily attach to your controller and smartphone, while durable enough to take a beating in your bag without breaking.

GameKlip comes in two varieties at this point: There’s a version that’s compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S III, and another universal version that uses an adhesive strip to affix itself to any smartphone case. Both are priced at just $14.95. But there is one small caveat.

While GameKlip mounts your PS3 controller to your Android device, it doesn’t connect the two — that’s done via Bluetooth. GameKlip recommends using the Sixaxis Controller app that’s downloadable from Google Play, but it requires that you root your Android handset, and it’s not compatible with every device. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to connect your PS3 controller without it.

If you’re already rooted then that’s not much of an issue, but it will be for those who don’t root and don’t know how to. That’s not GameKlip’s fault, of course — it’s an Android limitation — but it’s likely to greatly reduce its target audience.

For those who want one, the mount can be purchased from GameKlip now by hitting the source link below.