British Broadsheet The Times Offering Google Nexus 7 For Just £50 With Digital Subscription

That’s not a bad deal.

British broadsheet The Times, the only U.K. newspaper to date to install a paywall on its site, is offering Google’s 32GB Nexus 7 for just £50 (approx. $81) when customers take out a new 18-month digital subscription. That’s £149 (approx. $240) off its regular price tag. The “Digi Bundle” not only gives users access to The Times on their new Nexus 7, but also to the newspaper’s web and mobile content as well.

It’s priced at £17.33 (approx. $28) per month, which means the total cost of the deal after 18 months is £361.94 (approx. $583). However, The Verge reports that you can bring that price down to £299 (approx. $482) if you choose to pay for everything up-front in one payment.

Of course, the deal makes the Nexus 7 a great deal more expensive if you’re not interested in the The Times subscription. But if you were planning to sign up anyway, a £50 Nexus 7 is a massive incentive. It’s likely to persuade a lot of readers who were previously sitting on the fence over a subscription to go ahead and sign up.