[Update] Mophie Juice Pack For The Samsung Galaxy S III [Review/Contest]

Let’s be honest, battery life on just about any mobile device is anything but ideal. Light to average users may make it throughout a day or two without needing a charge, but for the power users out there, carrying a charger/extra battery/juice pack/etc. is a necessity.

One company well-known for extending the life of devices, particularly iPhones, is that of Mophie. It wasn’t until very recently that Mophie finally got around to making a product for an Android device, and that device is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Mophie is testing the Android waters to see if it’s warm enough to jump in. I’ll take a look at this Juice Pack for the Galaxy S III, tell you what I think, and then give you a chance to win the very unit I reviewed.

So grab a seat, relax, and find out what the Mophie juice pack for the Samsung Galaxy S III has to offer.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.91 in x 2.97 in x 0.67 in
  • Battery Capacity: 2300 mAh
  • Up to 32 extra hours of audio, 8 extra hours of video playback, or 9 extra hours of web browsing without.
  • S Beam and NFC compatible.
  • Overcharge, over discharge, energy flow back, short circuit, and malfunction protection
  • Simultaneously charge your phone and juice pack while syncing to your computer with the included micro USB cable.
  • Standby switch lets you charge your phone only when you need it.
  • four-light LED indicator keeps tabs on how much battery power is left in the juice pack as well as charging status when it’s plugged in.

The Good

What can I say, it indeed doubles your battery life. While Mophie’s estimated hours are a bit generous, I averaged around 6-7 hours of extra juice with heavy use (using just about every function of the device except for gaming) and around 16 hours with minimal use (checking notifications, writing a text or two). Nothing is better than seeing that low battery warning and then simply flipping the standby switch and watching this bad boy juice your Galaxy S III back to life. It’s simple, it’s convenient, and frankly — a life saver.

Attaching the case is extremely easy and if you don’t mind the bulk, doubles your protection. The design, or look, of the Mophie juice pack is not for everyone, so I’ll put it in the good and bad category.

The ability to charge both your Galaxy S III and the juice pack with a single USB cable is fantastic. One thing I hate about charging my extra batteries is the fact that I have to charge them one at a time or use the dual-charging splitter that never seems to work. The Mophie eliminated a large portion of my desk clutter.

The Bad

I stated how the design/look wasn’t for everyone, well… it’s not. The Galaxy S III without the Mophie is like Bruce Banner; with the Mophie — the Incredible Hulk. It’s a beast of a case that will give you extra power but also extra bulk. It’s also not the sleekest looking case (if you think Samsung phones look plasticky, you definitely won’t like the Mophie) and only comes in white or black.

Other than the sheer mass of the case, the only other major negative of the Mophie juice pack is its price. The Mophie juice pack retails for a whopping $99.95. Since the Galaxy S III features a removable battery, you’re looking at a juice pack that cost more than two standard Galaxy S III batteries!


My verdict on this one is split. The Mophie juice pack for the Galaxy S III is a convenient one package way of having the extra juice you need, when you need it — as well as providing a little hardshell protection. It’s great to only have one cable to charge both devices and simply having to flick the standby switch is great. However, I personally don’t like the look and added extra bulk.

I’m one who doesn’t quite mind switching out batteries or looking for a plug when needed (and available). Doing so costs much less and doesn’t sacrifice design or feel. There are just too many alternative that won’t set you back $100. I can see why these are popular with iPhone users as they don’t have the luxury of a removable battery, but for the Galaxy S III, it’s simply a convenience cost that you probably don’t need.

The Contest

[Update: Winner Picked]Congrats Nick Simoneaux! Mophie Power is ready to take you and your Falcons costume through the playoffs! Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required by Monday December 17th. If you fail to contact us by then, we will award the prize to another entrant. Thanks!

Now the best part! We’re going to give you a chance to win the very Mophie juice pack we reviewed. This way you don’t have to empty your wallet to have the benefits of MOAR POWER!

If you’d like to win the Mophie juice pack for your Galaxy S III, you’re going to have to do a little work. We want you to post a screenshot of your Galaxy S III with low battery and then share this post on your favorite social network with the text “My Galaxy S III needs Mophie Power!”

You can post your screenshot here in the comments section or on your social network of choice. However, if you decide to post it on a social network, we’re going to need a link to the post so we can see it.

Now for some rules:

This contest is open to U.S. residents only and starts now. The contest will end Friday (December 7th) at 11:59pm EST. Don’t forget, when you leave your comment, make sure your account is linked to a working email address so we can contact you should you win. Good Luck!

Thanks Mophie!