Samsung Galaxy Note II: Hide Verizon’s Hideous Home Button Branding With A Spigen Aluminum Cover

Are you upset that Verizon felt the need to key its name into your shiny new device? No worries, Spigen SGP has you covered! What exactly am I talking about? Well, Verizon decided to cram its logo onto the tiny home button of the Galaxy Note II and it looks hideous.

Normally, manufacturer/carrier branding is something to be expected and doesn’t usually garner consumer backlash. However, Verizon seemed to overstep its boundaries by being the only carrier to etch its logo in such an arrogant and defacing manner.

It looks odd and ridiculous and Verizon should be ashamed of themselves.

Thankfully, we have companies like Spigen SGP, who realize that consumers like to have a clean-looking, sleek device — not a NASCAR jacket.

If you head over to the Spigen website or, you’ll find a selection of aluminum covers that can be applied onto the home button of your Verizon Note II and give it back its aesthetic allure.

Each package includes 3 aluminum covers: 1 black, 1 silver, and 1 pink. They’re made of a 100% aluminum and diamond cut for a luxurious shine. Each set retails for $9.99 and is a small price to pay in order to stick it to the Verizon (quite literally).

If you’re interested in giving your Note II its pride back, hit up one of the links below and pick up an aluminum cover today.

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