XBMC 12 Gets Official Android Support In Beta 2, Available Now

XBMC 12 looks good.

XBMC version 12 (Froyo) just got its second beta release, and it’s arguably the best yet for those running an Android device. Why? Because it’s the first to boast official Android support, which means you can now look forward to better control and bug tracking. The new beta is available to download now.

For those who haven’t heard of XBMC, it’s a terrific cross-platform media center that brings all of your digital content together in one place. It’s available for PC, Mac, Android, and even iOS and the Apple TV (jailbreak required). It supports all kinds of file formats, and it’ll source media from anywhere and everywhere, including CDs and DVDs, files stored on your device, and services like YouTube, Grooveshark, and Hulu.

Getting official Android support is a pretty big deal, and it should mean a greater XBMC experience on Android going forward. For now, however, XBMC 12 is still a beta, which means it’s not entirely stable. In fact, if you’re running Android 4.2, XBMC 12 won’t run at all. Beta 3, which is “right around the corner,” promises to fix that.

The other thing to note is that when you first install XBMC 12 on your Android device, it’ll be very slow the first time you run it. This is simply because the software is unpacking itself, and after the first run it should be a lot faster.

You can download XBMC 12 now by hitting the source link below.