Limited Edition Frankie Frost Android Mini Collectible Goes On Sale December 6th

What’s blue, white, and frosty all over? Why, this year’s Holiday Special Edition Android Mini Collectible of course! In the spirit of stop motion animation, this year’s limited edition Holiday collectible reminds us of those cute Claymation characters of Christmas past. This little frigid flyer goes by the name of Frankie Frost, and goes on sale this Thursday December 6th at 11PM (EST).

Customers will only be allowed to purchase two each to ensure everyone has a chance to pick one up in time for the holidays. Keep ’em to yourself or give ’em to the Android lover in your life, either way, I’m sure they’ll end up in a loving home somewhere.

Shipping of Mr. Frost is expected to begin on December 10th and should arrive by the holiday. If you’re an international buyer, you’re advised to choose Priority Mail International shipping for your best chance of getting it before the holiday.

For more information on the 2012 Holiday Special Edition Frankie Frost, be sure to visit the source link below. Happy Holidays!