Consumer Reports: AT&T Once Again Ranked Worst Overall US Carrier While Verizon Remains #1

You would think that after year’s of continually being ranked the worst US carrier, AT&T would have done something to pull itself from the bottom. Unfortunately, they haven’t. According to Consumer Reports’ latest rankings, AT&T once again holds the title for overall worst US carrier. AT&T shouldn’t feel too bad as not a single major US carrier scored above an overall satisfaction score of 72.

Of all the service providers Consumer Reports evaluates, US mobile carriers remain among the lowest-rated. I guess it’s safe to say customers aren’t too happy with any of the carriers — I’m betting it has a lot to do with the ridiculous amounts of money they have to pay to them.

Verizon maintained its top spot with Sprint and T-Mobile following behind.

“Verizon stands out from the pack if you are a heavy-duty data user,” said Mike Gikas, senior electronics editor at Consumer Reports. “They’re the Cadillac network. They’re pricey in some respects, but in terms of overall quality of service and availability of service, they are the overall leader.”

This overall dissatisfaction with US carriers has led many to jump ship for less expensive pre-paid plans. Opting to pay full price for their device and enjoy a lower monthly bill.

I’d have to say my personal experience with carriers is on par with these recent Consumer Reports claims, how about yours? Do you disagree? Have you had better luck with AT&T or does another carrier stand out in your eyes?