Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Surpasses 5 Million Units Sold In Just Two Months

It appears the last 24 days have been quite good to Samsung as they have reportedly sold over 2 million Galaxy Note IIs in that short amount of time. Earlier in the month we reported on the Galaxy Note II surpassing 3 million units sold, and now, that number has jumped to over 5 million thanks to what would appear to be a successful U.S. launch.

In my opinion, Samsung is one of the few manufacturers getting it right, and judging by their recent Galaxy S III and Note II sales, millions of consumers seem to agree.

The Galaxy Note II is beyond worthy of its success and I even had the opportunity to spend some time with the device. Although it wad a bit large for my personal liking, it was by far the most powerful device I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Keep up the good work Samsung.