Black Friday Deals: Android Smartphones

‘Tis the season for deals! We’re fast approaching Black Friday, a dark day in humanity when Americans trample each other in an attempt to score a free Emerson DVD player. I’m certainly not interested in camping out in front of a store, however, I am interested in knowing what kind of deals will be offered on our beloved Android devices.

I’ll be spending the next week scouring the internet and store flyers for any Android devices that will be featured in a Black Friday deal. From there I’ll separate them into categories and post them up for you guys to check out. This particular post will focus on Android smartphones.

While there are always deals being offered on Android smartphones, I’ll focus on Black Friday specifically. I’ll also be continually updating this post as I come across more deals. Enjoy!

Note: All prices are on-contract prices unless otherwise noted.

Best Buy

  • [Verizon] Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (Free)
  • [Verizon] HTC DROID Incredible (Free)
  • [Sprint] 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III ($48)
  • [Sprint] Samsung Galaxy S II (Free)
  • [AT&T] Sony Xperia TL 4G (HOT PRICE)
  • [AT&T] 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III ($49.99)
  • [Boost Mobile] Samsung Galaxy S II ($299.99 – No Contract)
  • [Boost Mobile] ZTE Warp ($64.99 – No Contract)
  • [Virgin Mobile] LG Optimus Elite ($49.99 – No Contract)

Radio Shack

Along with special pricing, Radio Shack is offering a $10 coupon for every $50 you spend.

  • [Verizon] Samsung Stratosphere II (Free)
  • [Sprint] Samsung Galaxy S III ($49.99)
  • [Sprint] Samsung Galaxy S II (Free)
  • [AT&T] Samsung Galaxy S III ($99.99)
  • [AT&T] HTC One X (Free)
  • [AT&T] Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (Free)
  • [Virgin Mobile] HTC One V ($99.99 – No Contract)
  • [Cricket] HTC Desire C ($79.99 – No Contract)
  • [Cricket] Alcatel Authority ($129.99 – No Contract)
  • [Boost Mobile] Samsung Galaxy Rush ($69.99 – No Contract)
  • [Boost Mobile] ZTE Warp Sequent ($149.99 – No Contract)

Sam’s Club

  • Samsung Galaxy S III ($0.96)


  • 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III ($49.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Free)
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory (Free)


  • Cranberry Motorola DROID RAZR (Free)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Free)
  • LG Lucid (Free)


Along with a few decent deals, Walmart will be offering up a $100 gift card when you purchase one of the following Android smartphones on Black Friday:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III ($129)
  • [Verizon] Motorola DROID RAZR M
  • [Verizon] Samsung Stratosphere II ($49.88)
  • [AT&T] ($49.88)
  • [AT&T] Samsung Captivate Glide ($0.97)
  • [T-Mobile] Samsung Galaxy S II ($79.88)
  • [Sprint] Motorola Photon Q ($89.88)