Looks Like T-Mobile Was Hoping The Nexus 4 Would Have MicroSD As Well

One of the biggest complaints about the Nexus 4 has been its dismal storage capacity. While we’re used to Nexus devices lacking microSD, having 16GB as a maximum storage option just doesn’t cut it these days. It would appear that even T-Mobile was rooting for expandable memory as they are listing the Nexus 4 as being expandable up to 64 GB with a microSD card (oh, how I wish).

T-Mobile is clearly living in a state of denial (like the rest of us), and while it’s good for a laugh, they might want to change that little spec before people actually start believing it.

That’s not the only thing T-Mobile is in denial over either. It also appears that they can’t come to terms with the fact that Google abandoned the Android Market branding in favor of a more marketable Google Play.

We can’t really blame T-Mobile, can we? I mean they’ve been with Android since the beginning and it’s sometimes real hard for us old-timers to let go of the past.

Now seriously, fix this shit!