The Beat Don’t Stop Thanks To Gapless Playback Support For Google Play Music

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to music players is lack of support for gapless playback, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the Google Music Player had been updated to support it.

In my younger years I was a club DJ, and so the majority of my compilations are continuous mixes that seamlessly transition from one track to the next. Nothing ruins the beauty of those perfect mixes more than a music player that insists on inserting a gap/break between tracks.

This sort of thing may not be a deal killer for the majority of music listeners out there who expect a break between songs, but in the world of electronic music or DJ mixes, not having gapless playback is like having a skipping record or CD with a scratch in it — very annoying.

Thankfully, I won’t have to worry about that anymore and while Google has added support for gapless playback, it appears to only be available to devices running Android 4.1. Sure, I’m happy because all my devices are running Jelly Bean, but that’s a downer for the majority of Android users and a restriction I find to be a bit unfair.

Regardless of what I think, that’s what Google has decided to support.

Other than the gapless playback support, Google has also added the ability to keep Thumbs Up, Last Added, and Free and Purchased playlists on a device and has also added the ability to auto-generated Instant Mixes on Recent tab based on your favorite songs. Other than that, there are of course some bug fixes as well as improvements for keeping music on your device for offline playback.

Overall, a fantastic update — at least for me. To grab the latest version of Google Play Music, hit up the Play store link below. Cheers!