Verizon Rolling Out Jelly Bean To The Motorola DROID RAZR M

What’s this? A Motorola device on Verizon being updated to the latest version of Android in a semi-reasonable time frame? I think the universe my implode. Looks like Dennis Woodside was serious when he said this was the “New Motorola” and that they’d be focusing on getting out updates much quicker.

This is not only great news for Motorola RAZR M owners but for RAZR HD and MAXX HD users as well. If Jelly Bean is ready to roll for the RAZR M, we can only assume that Jelly Bean isn’t that far off for the rest of the new RAZR crew. Mix in some holiday pricing and the RAZR HD family starts to look a whole lot more attractive.

Once the OTA hits, your RAZR M will be updated with all the usual yummy Jelly Bean treats such as Google Now, Project Butter, and more. For a complete look at what’s new, hit up the source link below, or if your eyes are good, you can try reading the list on the above image.