Goodbye Pinterest, Hello Pornterest: Keep Your Fetishes Private With Pinterest’s New Secret Boards

After being bombarded with requests, Pinterest is finally going to allow users to create private boards. Pinterest is calling them “Secret Boards” and rolling them out in hopes that users will use them to create their holiday shopping lists. I’d call that wishful thinking, since we all know what those “Secret Boards” are really going to be used for.

Fetishes aside, these newly introduced Secret Boards are accessible from both the web version of Pinterest as well as the Android and iOS apps. To access Secret Boards from your mobile device, simply go to your profile, tap on the Boards tab, and scroll down to the bottom until you see a button that says Create a Secret Board.

From there you can create a name for your Board, choose a category, and allow access to specific followers.

Pinterest is calling this a “test” and starting by only allowing users the ability to create three Secret Boards. Any Secret Board you create will have to be a fresh new Board as there’s no option to switch a current Board to a Secret Board.

Well, that about does it. We’ll let you get to creating that Spanking erm… “Surprise Party” for your significant other.