More Evidence Of A Physical Google Wallet Card Emerge, Shows Support For Android 2.3.3 And Higher

Last week we reported about the possibility of a physical Google Wallet card and its implications. Today, more evidence has surfaced, and this time, straight from the official Google Wallet support page. Eagle eyes spotted references to the card as well as compatible Android devices. These references have since been taken down, however, you can see it in its entirety in the screenshot above.

The good news (other than the actual card) is the fact that Android devices running 2.3.3 and above will be able to use the Wallet app in conjunction with the physical card. This is great news as it opens up the program to a much larger user base.

I simply can not wait for this to become readily available, and once I get my card, I’m going to take pictures of me using it everywhere so I can email them all to Verizon with a big “kiss my ass” watermark on each one.