Rovio Teases Official Gameplay Trailer For Angry Birds Star Wars Ahead Of Thursday’s Launch

Rovio has released the official gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars, and while it blends all the familiar Angry Birds’ physics we’ve come to love, it looks to be the most feature-rich one yet. you’ll find a slew of new abilities, powers, and even a cameo by the Millennium Falcon. An array of Star Wars themed Angry Birds characters are present and ready to take down the Ham-Empire and any Porkside treachery it has to throw at them.

It’s Angry Birds… it’s Star Wars… it’s commercial marketing nirvana! Whether you’re still an Angry Birds-holic or have already kicked the habit, Angry Birds Star Wars is enough to make any mobile user twitch. Only three days left until Rovio releases the Droids, and my son simply can’t wait.