AT&T And T-Mobile Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims In New York And New Jersey With Network Alliance

Communication during and after a devastating event such as Hurricane Sandy can be crucial. Not only does it open the lines between yourself and emergency personnel, but it also allows for loved ones to know how you are doing. That’s why AT&T and T-Mobile have entered into an agreement to enable roaming on their networks to customers of both companies in the New York/New Jersey area affected by hurricane Sandy.

This partnership is a tremendous help to those having trouble connecting to their specific network. Since AT&T and T-Mobile both operate using technology based on GSM and UMTS standards, it’s a seamless transition for them to allow the sharing of voice and data traffic across their networks.

Any AT&T or T-Mobile customer in one of these impacted areas will automatically pick up whichever network is most operational in their area. Switching networks will not cause any changes in their service plans and customers will be able to place calls and use data just as they would on their own network.

Kudos to AT&T and T-Mobile for working together in such dire times. It’s going to be a long road to recovery and we wish the best and safest to all those affected.