Stop Searching For Google Play Gift Cards And Purchase Play Credit Directly From The Play Store

I know many of you have been searching high and low for Google Play gift cards with little to no success. Depending on your motive, Google may have a solution for you. If you’re simply looking to gift some Google Play credit to a friend, relative, etc., then you’re still out of luck. If you’re looking to purchase credit for your kids or someone you share an account with, then you’re in luck. Google now allows U.S. users to purchase Play Store credit directly from the Play Store (web only).

It doesn’t make much sense for you to buy yourself Play credit, but if you have a young one with an Android device, it certainly beats handing over your credit card. Look at it as a start. Hopefully soon, Google will allow you to purchase credit to gift. That, or start pushing for retailers to carry Play gift cards.

To purchase Play credit, simply scroll to the bottom of the Play Store on the web and click on the “Buy Google Play Credit” link. Cheers!