Grab A DROID RAZR HD, Nav Dock And Battery Charger From Costco For Only $189.99

We’re only days away from the release of the DROID RAZR HD and if you were thinking about picking one up from Verizon, you might want to consider the deal Costco has instead. If you happen to be a Costco member or know someone who is, you might want to think about ordering your DROID RAZR HD from them as they are offering up quite the bundle.

For $189.99, members who order online get a DROID RAZR HD, navigation/car dock, battery charger, free activation, and free shipping. That’s $10 less than what Verizon is charging for just the RAZR HD! That’s a hell of a deal for anyone who was planning on picking up the RAZR HD anyways.

The deal looks to be online only, but we’re not positive as it might simply refer to the pre-order (which is open by the way). If you’d rather buy the device in-store, you’ll have to check to see if they will be offering this deal in-house as well.